Our Courses

Diploma in filmmaking - 6 months

BCSs Diploma in Filmmaking is an advanced course that will polish your skills and provide you with the experience and credentials that will make you an asset to BOLLYWOOD. This course is only for those who are absolutely serious about filmmaking and pursuing a career in film and digital production. 06 months program (Two 3 months terms) will train you in every detail of filmmaking to help you cultivate a successful film career. The program culminates with a 10-minute student diploma project.

Certificate Course in acting - 3 months

Our acting school isnt for everyone; its for people like you who are really serious about their acting careers. As any working actor will tell you, practice and training are essential to make you stand out from the thousands of others trying to start careers acting. In the Certificate Program, you will learn acting for film and television, as well as the basics of voice, movement, improvisation, the history of acting, and more.


Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of Bollywood films. Bollywood Cinema School BCS is offering Hindi and Urdu diction course for those who want to be the best in their field. If anybody willing to work in Bollywood has to master these two languages with its proper pronunciation.